I know I’ve grown, but I can’t wait to go home…

I feel like we didn’t do a lot this past weekend. Somehow that made it feel longer, or maybe it didn’t. The highlight: getting together with some old friends for a picnic. What isn’t fun about good food, good company and good conversation? I felt a bit alienated for a moment when someone asks me “so what adulty things have you been up to?”

…uh, what constitutes adulty? I asked thinking about how I just spurned my history books in exchange for starting The Chronicles of Narnia and how my great weekday plans revolve around Circle Time in my classroom.

Is this just me? Or do people in my profession feel this way or is it a parent thing?

Do I like to be informed about real life? Yes. Do I actively seek it out? Not as much as I should. Is that what defines us as adults? I feel good about myself when I have my bills paid, grocery shopping done, a good book on the night stand that Baby Bat and I are reading at bedtime and my kitchen counter mostly cleared.

The highlight may have been the picnic but the best time this weekend was when Baby Bat and I painted our nails orange

and I almost mastered Elsa braids!

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed with work lately and that is a big reason why I retreated to the fantasy world (pruning my imaginary world garden or something like that). As it would happen there was also a Harry Potter Marathon on SyFy on Sunday. I wasn’t going to watch it but then I did, and then Baby Bat fell asleep on me so I could do absolutely nothing but watch the first 2 movies. It was strangely liberating as I haven’t sat down to really engage and watch anything in what feels like years. I’m usually multitasking with cooking or work, knitting etc. So to sit there and just enjoy was nice.

Somewhere I got the Ed Sheeran song Castle on the Hill (which was a revelation in itself as I’ve been hearing the words wrong all this time) stuck in my head and found the corresponding video…well, we’re going back to Hogwarts-I mean Ithaca, we’re going back to Ithaca in a couple weeks for Wizarding Weekend…Take that reality😜

too much?

Anyway soo excited! This week however, not so excited. I feel like I just need to get through tomorrow and it will be fine. It will probably be fine anyways. I massively over think…well, a lot of things. But there will be magic and felt board songs, slime and very busy spiders!


Part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time…

Domestic Goddess might be too strong a title for me this weekend. Friday marked the end of a very frustrating week, or at least it felt like that and for more than just me and my room. Monday through Wednesday just felt like, for lack of a better term, hell. Waking up Wednesday morning I already felt stressed about the day. Thursday came around and something seemed to lift. Maybe it was just the rain or maybe it’s because we were more then half way done. Friday I totally felt more relaxed and reflective while I fried up the potatoes for our fish and chips.

I had a long think in my head about the things that frustrate me throughout the week and also about being open to them. Are these things that are truly unbearable? or do I need to change how I do things? Should I be trying to see these things as a blessing rather than a curse?

Saturday the usual song and dance of pancakes and piano. After we got groceries done then jetted back out to pick apples again and this time to make some yummy treats!

We picked a bunch of honeycrisp (the only apple worth picking IMO). Then we decided to bop on over to the Cidery that was in association association with the orchard. Never has there ever been a better a better idea. My friend and I shared a cider tasting flight.

Rosé Cider has seemed to be in vogue recently and now I know why, they are down right delicious! We also tried something called a steampunk…yes we did choose it for the name but also because it was like a traditional English Cider. That was also very good and I could totally see Patrick Stewart being the spokes person. The third was a champagne bubbly like one (I will always enjoy anything that bubbles it’s so refreshing). The last was a heavily spiced version meant to be like cinnamon sugar donuts. Was it fantastic? Urm, can’t say I would like it on a regular basis but I would like it while waiting on trick-or-treaters or slicing into some barmbrack.

Out adventures didn’t end there. My center has received a ton of good recently and we aren’t allowed to turn it away anymore (?). So we have been giving away things like milk, oranges and apples that will either expire or go to waste. I therefore took a bag of oranges home and got to work Saturday night making a ton of candied peel.

Next week if I have time and the offer still stands I might make some marmalade!

Sunday I woke up earlier than usual to finish the peel. We went to church as usual but we went to a different one this time. I’ve been feeling less than enthused about the one we had been going to despite the old aesthetic and my nostalgia. I just didn’t feel moved by the experience as I wanted to. The one we went to this past week we went to back during lent and I had a great experience with them (I just didn’t realise it until some months later when I was thinking back on it. Despite the lack of music (could be just an 8am thing) I really like this other place and I think we continue to go.

Saturday night Baby Bat and I also premade a pan of cinnamon rolls

and when we got back from mass we popped those bad boys in the oven and set some coffee on and in no time: instant gratification.

We also made toffee apples. Yes, yes it’s a bit early but it was that frustrating of a week. This time we bought popsicle sticks instead of making due with skewers we found at our grocery store. Last year toffee apples were kind of like this:

So, I baked a lot but outside of that I wasn’t really domestic in any other way. I desperately need to clean out Baby Bat’s toy room as well as a couple…erm few rooms in the rest of the abode.

Will see what I can get done during the week since we have a picnic to go to Saturday. All that moping I did a couple weeks ago fueled me to organize a fall picnic with some friends I haven’t seen in a bit. Funny enough each and everyone said that they had been thinking of me too! Coincidence? or A simple matter of being a human among other humans?

This week I’m a bit excited to be stuck indoors as we are dry running some circle time techniques that will come in handy when we are snowed in for the winter.

Hope you have a magical week

That time of year thou mayst in me behold…

I know it is almost the end of September and yet I feel like we’ve rushed all the way to the middle of October, especially this week.

We started off with the excitement of starting something new. Ballet class! Right now it’s just like a circle time class next year they will be expecting more memorization and technique. I really love that I found this school. A lot of classes in the area only offer a combination of tap/jazz/ballet and I’m told there is a good reason for that but I don’t like the idea of bombarding children with so much at once. At least that is my perception. Anyway this place offers classes for her age bracket that are only Ballet and what is more they are very pointed about using age appropriate music.

Of course this was all a very last minute decision, and we spent only a few days hunting for a sufficient leotard. We eventually found one and there was great debate over the color and sleeves but it was her first and I was feeling (and could be) indulgent. We ended up with an “Elsa” blue one which of course she loves!

The first class seemed to go well. We got there and entered the lobby early and she waltzed in with her arms out stretched “I’m here!” she announced to the room of not but a few mothers waiting for the class before us to let out.

The class went well I should think, we came home and she insisted on showing me her dance which was a lovely melange of ballet, Irish dance (from the weekend) and her own flavour.

The rest of the week seemed overly hectic. But thankfully Friday came soon enough. The weekends usually have a fairly regular smell of fish and chips with mushy peas on Friday’s, pancakes Saturday mornings, bread and tea on the afternoons and a full (or close to full) breakfast Sundays after mass.

Its therapeutic for me, the baking and cooking and good alone time in my head. This September it seems like the weekends have become just as hectic as the weeks. Yesterday we made pancakes as usual. Baby Bat insisted on spreading honey over her’s this time. This ended up being a good thing as I usually have to coax her to finish in the small minutes before leaving for piano and this time she nearly polished off two!

After piano we went off to the library and to get a last minute birthday present. We also had enough time to do her grocery shopping (strawberries, broccoli, hummus and vanilla yogurt this week) before heading out to the apple orchard to do some apple picking with my class.

It was fun and I can’t wait to go again and make some toffee apples or apple and potato cake!

After all of that we embarked on another trip to B-lo for a Unicorn Birthday Party.

We capped off the day with a visit to my folks local pub for some irish nachos and later a game of go-fish.

After mass this morning we lingered in Clarence at their pumpkin festival. I’ve passed by the place many a time growing up but never realised what a big deal it was. It has a slew of barbecue trucks, rides, fresh made pumpkin donuts and cider, face painting, a haunted house etc. etc.

Well, I’m beat. I need a weekend from my weekend so to speak. Hoping for a good week. We’ll be having the kids try the different apples we picked and making applesauce with them as well. Moonsand is on the schedule too. We’ve been trying some new things that we’ve only heard about The theory of how this child care practice is suppose to work. Sometimes the things sound pretty out there. For example we have short sinks for the kids to wash their hands in. What happened the last time I first came to our present room was mayhem (IMO) water everywhere children pushing each other to get at the water. So Much Water! It was dreadful to me, understanding that for some people in the world clean, fresh water is not always accessible. We eventually acquired a key to turn the water on and off. Things like this make me feel like we are giving way, way too much power to children/toddlers. On the other hand, this week I attempted teaching 1 year olds how to ladle out their own food at lunch and it went really well. In fact lunch time seemed rather harmonious those two days. So I am humbled by the experience and continue to be a student of life and experience I suppose.

I hope your week/end was both magical and meaningful and that your upcoming week will be the same.

What’s Lost is Lost and Gone Forever…

Good Morning! Dia Dhuit ar Maidin! I have the strangest nightmares lately so I’m really glad to be awake so early. Friday morning, It was Christmas Eve and I realized that I forgot to make the mince pies and couldn’t get ahold of my father to have him pick up brandy…also didn’t put almonds in the pudding but that would have worked out as one of my cousin’s has a nut allergy. This morning a mixture of LARPing games…but I was using some of my classroom’s cardboard blocks as throwing weapons (definitely not regulation) with a side of not being prepared for college exams (I have a lot of those recently I wonder what that’s suppose to mean. Anyways. It was a good week. Baby Bat did well her first week. We set to tackling her lunch box together most nights. Lunches are different from when I was growing up. Back then I feel like all we did was slap together a PBJ and throw in some prepackaged lunch box treats and you were done. Now with all the allergies and the push for healthy living it takes some time and effort. When we go to the store now I let Baby Bat pick out 1 fruit and 1 vegetable for the week, anything she likes. Yogurt is one of her favorite things too but I put restrictions on sugar, which gives us rather limited options. Frozen peas are a great easy go to and hard boiled eggs are the best thing since sliced bread.


Her first day went well. No sad faces or crying…from her anyway (it was a rough morning for mommy). Our only somber moment was when she woke up and we were getting ready and she voiced that she would miss one of her friends at the center. I felt wretched, even though this rift would have happened in another year anyway I still didn’t want to rip her away from any friends. Its been intimated that well “she’s 4 , she’ll make new friends”. While I can see the truth in the statement I still wonder should we be so flippant with friendship? A thought that has been echoing in my mind lately too. Along with “am I a good friend?” I think about saying things or calling people more then I actually do it. Sometimes I feel like I go through a grieving process If I haven’t spoken to someone in awhile “that was another great friendship that I let slip away”. I feel that I’m so very cold these days and I leave people standing alone wondering if I’m really there or care at all…

And so, work went on as ever with all the ups and downs, we have new faces coming in. Which is pretty nerve wrecking for me. Yes, everyone is a stranger until you meet them, but I’d rather slip to the knowing them part of the relationship.

Homemade slime, crayons, packing lunch boxes soon every night and that Dino Lingo DVD set (which has been pretty good. A little trippy and definitely geared toward the YouTube crowd but good all the same).

Pretty soon the week was over and we could have some fun!

Last year we went out to the Niagara Celtic Festival on a whim and to meet up with my folks. It was shocking how huge it was and how many different kinds of people and costumes were there. The music was great, there was tea! etc. etc. So we made a commitment to go back this year for the whole weekend.

It was a hot day and my car has no AC. As we approached the site there was this dense dark smoke that seemed to be coming from the festival? Also the local fire department was out collecting (I think) so we drove into it, as there were other cars going to and from and no one else seemed to be acting as though there was cause to panic. As it turns out it was a massive amount of fog coming off of Lake Ontario so it was literally like walking through the fairy veil what for all the costumes and music that was buzzing around the place. It was real and it was fun but it was missing something this year, quite possibly my friend who went there with us last year. The highlight of the weekend was my Aunt’s dancing group that performed and one of the guys sang a beautiful rendition of “The Town I Loved So Well” originally done by the master Luke Kelly, I’ve a bit of an obsession with that song for a few months (which is where my entry title comes from).

Anyways have a wonderful and magical week. Baby Bar starts ballet this week and we go apple picking this weekend with my center, fun times!

There is something in a Sunday…

The weekend soda bread has just been taken out of the oven and let to cool while the roast has just started its turn in the oven.  Baby Bat is napping and I’ve got a good strong mug of tea and some Great Big Sea playing, life is pretty good.  It was cool this morning, when we left for church, so that we needed to scramble for lost and forgotten coats.  The day continued to be grey and windy while we visited Charlotte Beach for the playground, the beach and some free rides on the old fashioned carousel (yay!).


It would be a perfect day if I didn’t have this next week hanging over me.  It’s not bad really.  Baby Bat starts at a new school and we are really excited, but it’s different.  It’s not to far from my center, but it is the end of one thing and the start of another.  Its going to be really great though! It’s a Pre Kindergarten program that is attached to a catholic school.  They have a music program there and a library and computer class, a school play in the winter etc. etc.  They teach cursive (at some point)  one of those personal vendettas I acquired some years ago when it came to my attention that they weren’t teaching it in schools anymore (side note:  they might still teach it a bit just not to the capacity it was, someone said they only teach them how to sign their names?).  They only have Spanish at this school which is great…I mean Spanish is great, languages are great, indeed Spanish is more relevant in this area anyway.  If it could be more perfect at this place they would teach latin…but no one teaches latin (to the best of my knowledge) I don’t even know Latin so there you have it.  French would also be up there in my language picks (and more realistic).  When I was in school and we got to choose what language we wanted to take I really wanted to take French but got trumped with the reasoning that Spanish would benefit me more.  I really haven’t used my regents in Spanish in my adult life…I recently taught myself some songs for my kids but my attention has never really been there.  The moral of the story is **something, something** let your kids make their own choices…which means I’ll probably be toiling away at Spanish verbs and tenses with a very enthusiastic Baby Bat in some years to come ;P

In that same vein, I’ve been working away at my Irish whenever possible and I’ve been trying to get Baby Bat into it as well.  She may never use it but maybe she will and languages are great for exercising the brain.  She knows some colors, numbers up to 6 and “Please” and “Thank You” (when it pleases her) also some body parts.  It’s a bit of  task to find Irish learning apps for kids (maybe just her age bracket) I’ve stumbled across some great resources for Scottish Gaelic and I wonder if there is something to that?  But back in February we did find some things that gave us a start:

Language Apps on my phone (I’ve only just started to appreciate my smart phone for this sort of thing)  They are just vocabulary but she took to those for a bit and they are present in a cute way.

Online Dictionary I don’t know what I would do without this one.  The best thing about is you can listen to the words in the three different dialects (I try to focus on Munster because that’s where my extended family lives, parents have visited them I hope to someday).  They also give you so many examples (no audio though for most).  The one thing I have a problem with is if something I’m looking for is in a tense I might not find it or (at this point) I’d be guessing on pronunciation.

Pronunciation Dictionary If you can’t find it in the above you’ll find it here…as long as it is spelled right.

Kids Shows This one is pretty awesome, a few times when I’ve been sick and not really in  the mood to read at night I’ll let her watch one of these and I try to pick up things here and there with the vocabulary I’ve acquired.  It was slightly because of this that I made a further investment in Dino Lingo I wasn’t going to give it a further thought because I just wasn’t very impressed with it but when we happened on this and all of a sudden she starts saying “Dia dhuit!” along with them (I’ve been trying for weeks for this simple phrase with her). So we’re waiting on the mail for this one and hope its good.

Kids Songs I’ve nearly got the lot of this memorized and I use it at school pretty much everyday. lyrics help

This too!

I’ve also got a few books, and just invested in a couple more.  You can find so much on Amazon but sometimes it takes a bit to look.


Well time to finish the roast and pack/set things out for tomorrow.  Hoping you find magic in some way, shape or form in your week!





Old Marley was dead as a door nail. (reposted from dec 1, 2017

Mind! I don’t mean to say that I know, of my own knowledge, what there is particularly dead about a door-nail. I might have been inclined, myself, to regard a coffin-nail as the deadest piece of ironmongery in the trade. But the wisdom of our ancestors is in simile; and my unhallowed hands shall not disturb it, or the Country’s done for. You will therefore permit me to repeat, emphatically, that Marley was dead as a door-nail.

– Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

No matter how many times I sit down to read this book the first page still surprises me and makes me laugh to myself. A very good evening to you, and a happy December the first if I might add. Today seemed to come with an air of celebration, at least in my little corner of the world. Maybe we were all holding back together thinking “is it too early to break out the Christmas music and snow exploration?” and then today hits and everything we’ve been holding back on and waiting to do kind of bursts through the floodgates. I skipped a week or two, for good reason, so I suppose I should catch up as we’ve been particularly magical throughout the last fortnight.

Prior to Thanksgiving my family held their annual Early Thanksgiving. I feel like I totally dropped the ball on this festivity and not only for the colossal flop of a pie I contributed. Next year I definitely plan to play up my Fantastic Beasts hors d’oeuvre tray (which means getting the hang of the pie for starters). This year I embraced the flavors of the holiday and made a Cranberry Pie

This is consequently the best picture I have of it. It really was a thing of beauty (I’m quite proud of the knot I constructed) however I desperately need to work on my tart/pie crusts and figure out what went wrong with the filling (it was super runny).

What worked out immensely was my homemade mince filling, which I pied later in week. I had wanted us to wait to eat our first one (and make a wish) but waiting is really hard and I’m so glad to have gotten a picture of this face:

I also hand stuffed sausages with my father that weekend. My mother’s vegetarian counter top has seen some things that it will never be able to unsee. I’m getting better at it and it was really nice, albeit strange, to sit down with my dad and chat it up over bottles of Old Speckled Hen. I have no pictures on account of really messy hands, but I did drive home with a large freezer bag full of oxford style sausages to last us through the holidays and beyond.

Tuesday night Baby Bat looks at me earnestly when we are about to turn the lights out “mommy, lets put up our tree!” Secretly, not so secretly, I wanted to as well but I asked her “wouldn’t you rather do it tomorrow night, and then it will feel more ceremonious, like the start of the holidays?” She shook her head no and who was I to argue?

Thanksgiving was a blast at our center and now that I know what to expect I can’t wait to do it up next year. The weekend after we made our way out to Santa’s Workshop in the Adirondacks. It was a long drive but well worth it, the town was gorgeously quaint and cozy and it began to snow that night so when we did visit Father Christmas the next day it looked as magical as you would expect.

Baby Bat got to meet Father Christmas, for the first time really, all the other times we’ve taken her she was too scared to talk or sit with him. Throughout the past year I’ve been hearing “I want this, I want that etc. etc. ” I got a bit fed up and said “well you’ll have to ask Father Christmas for it then”…and then I heard “I’m going to ask Father Christmas for that!” as often as I heard the “I wants” before. I’m not really mad or irritated, I think its rather cute in a way.

Anyway she met the big guy. She was a bit star struck and got very quiet and shy. They had a Disney moment of sorts while he was talking to her, his hand was resting on his knee and she simply reached her gloved hand over to his and he patted her ever so gently, it was so brief and so simple but it melted my heart a bit. When prompted by the (overpriced picture taker) Elves she immediately piped up and told Father Christmas that she wants “Elsa things and Peppa Pig things!” for Christmas.

On a humorous note, while we were out at the craft store yesterday she spotted a Hello Kitty Camera and said she wanted to get that today. I said “if we get you all of these things now what is Father Christmas going to bring you?” she says “mommy, Father Christmas will get me Peppa Pig and Elsa things”…::eye roll:: duh! We did not leave the store with the camera.

I found my goose yesterday as well! I was so excited for I had been to the store the week before and saw they had them but wtf mate! they were an arm an a leg (that was a bad shopping day, treacle is now in fancy squeezable bottles and also went up in price…I have 1 jar left and I’m hording it like a miser).

To cap off our adventures this week I made a double pan of treacle fudge (Baby Bat thought more of the tasting of it then the stirring of it:

We also made a decorative paper chain for the holidays, balloons to follow. We’re heading out to the Hilton Tree Lighting tomorrow, that and cookie weekend is in our future. Enjoy the holiday season and make as many magical moments as possible!

Chapter 2: The Vanishing Glass

Half an hour later, Harry, who couldn’t believe his luck, was sitting in the back of the Dursley’s car with Piers and Dudley, on the way to the zoo for the first time in his life. His aunt and uncle hadn’t been able to think of anything else to do with him, but before they’d left, Uncle Vernon had taken Harry aside.

“I’m warning you,” he said, putting his large purple face right up close to Harry’s, “I’m warning you now, boy – any funny business, any at all – and you’ll be in that cupboard from now until Christmas.”

“I’m not going to do anything,” said Harry, “honestly…”

But Uncle Vernon didn’t believe him. No one ever did…

Hi again! Yup, still here keeping it magical. I took a bit of a hiatus mostly due to work but also I’ve been on a different sort of adventure and I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to put it in here as it had little to nothing to do with the Magical World of Harry Potter.

This is not to say that it wasn’t magical, it was/is and I had given thought of starting a new page or giving this space a new angle but I still haven’t decided yet. I feel like I have one foot in one world in my head and my other foot in another. Its rather confusing for me as I’m sort of like a J.M. Barrie fairy.

Anyways, just to catch up: Way back, a long time ago I had been dreaming up things to do with my kids during the month of March. While I can appreciate my own memories about St. Patrick’s Day growing up, I wanted to do something different, something more cultural I guess. I was dragging my feet about it this past year as usual, I feel this had a lot to do with being so invested in British cooking, history and culture over the past few years that I had trouble finding my emotional core for the project. Anyway, I found it in the most unlikely and yet obvious place and it has been so much fun I wish I had shared it with you. I started at Lent, working out of a cookbook by Darina Allen:

I had discovered her back when I was pregnant and refound the book at my local library (It is now mine, as I bought a copy, and holds a place of great reverence on my cooking shelf). I was also doing a “traditional” lent so I had to modify quite a bit to not use eggs, milk, butter, meat or alcohol. I traded my Earl Grey for various brands of Irish Breakfast (my favorite thus far being Bewley’s Dublin Morning Tea) and embraced the music of my youth (We had this cassette tape labeled Irish Drinking Music that my grandfather had made featuring groups like The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, Dubliners etc. etc. This as well as the Beatles, Kinks and Beach Boys will always remind me of driving with my father) I also picked up some new literature and lost my heart to James Joyce’s Dubliners. I have every intention of reading Ulysses (started it a couple times) but it might have to wait for the snow as it is the warm season and I feel a little more then obligation to get us outside. On a personal note I gave Connemara perfume a try and nearly cried when I put it on for the first time to realise it held a scent memory for me of my paternal grandmother.

In my kids room and at home with Baby Bat I took on the task of bringing them Irish language, literature and music. I memorized a song a week in Irish Gaelic and instituted some simple Irish vocabulary. For Baby Bat I found a couple books on Irish legends at the library and bought a couple children’s books off Amazon.

It was a great time and one of the best finds I had was a language app called Mango Languages. I love it! I can do a section anytime I want, there is repetition and a good deal of pronunciation help as well as some cultural notes.

So, thanks for sitting through my catch up. Now for the main focus of this post.

Today we celebrated/reenacted the birthday of Dudley Dursley and the start of the Harry Potter series (yes, I skipped the first chapter. This seemed to create more flow as the events from here on out all happen within a year. So that’s my plan)

To be perfectly candid this wasn’t the best morning for me as I seem to have caught some version of death and was up half the night with a wretched cough. We also we’re forecasted with an 85% chance of rain and it was very wet and grey out when we woke up. Nevertheless we got up and made eggs, bacon and toast as described in the books but without the Dursley drama. This is regular weekend fare for us and I considered pulling out a Full English Breakfast but I had neither the energy or the baked beans.

Unlike the books we had Baby Bat’s piano lesson to go to before really starting the adventure. That’s another thing that started in the early spring and we are so excited because she also just got potty trained so that means we can start dance class soon too!

We really lucked out with the weather as it drizzled on the way there and we had nothing but grey sky while we were at the zoo.

I’ve never been to this zoo during anything but summer so I wonder if it is more attended or if the animals are more active other times of the year. Our first stop was a reptile house (apparently there are 2?). and we luckily met this guy from Brazil (“thankssss amigo!”)…we did not set him free but Baby Bat might have spoke some parseltongue to it.

Our next stop was the concession stand for ice lollies. There were no plain lemon but we enjoyed these before heading out to see the rest of the park:

I’m not sure what the zoo in London has by way of food but in Rochester there is mostly hots options. So in the effort to emulate the book we left the zoo for Friendlys and ice cream sundaes on a par with a knickerbocker glory.

It was a good albeit anti-climactic day, owing to my lack of sleep the night before. We ended the day workshoping wand making for a new work project I’m starting this week. I’m going to be going into other classrooms and doing magical arts and crafts with the kids! This upcoming week we’ll be doing wand making and potions. It was good we went over this now as I have a lot experience with potions but not so much wand making experience and noticed some hiccups that we might have hit.

Now hopefully off to sleep while we watch The Sword in the Stone and hope my robitussin kicks in. Have a good week and stay magical!