Baby Bat’s TV & Movies: Ruby Gloom


My baby bat has been particularly taken with this jewel of a series.  I didn’t grow up watching the series by any means.  My earliest exposure to it was seeing merchandise at Hot Topic when I was in high school.  I didn’t read or buy any of the books…I did buy a tank top but it doesn’t feature any of the characters, just a cute spider web.  After my baby bat was born I found these DVDs on Amazon (my bad habit) and together we have fallen in love with Ruby and her friends.


Ruby Gloom is a cute little red haired girl who resides in a place called Gloomsville in a Victorian Mansion with her friends.  Ruby is the eternal optimist of the group.  She is always there to lend a hand or an ear and totally has everyone’s best interests at heart.

Skull Boy: (when she asks to watch this series my baby bat asks for Skull Boy, not Ruby)  is an animated skeleton.  He is the creative/inventive one.  He lives in the attic and is on an continuous search for identity since he doesn’t know where he comes from or who his family is or was.

Misery: is sort of the accident prone Debbie-Downer of the group.  Grey clouds and rain follow her wherever she goes and she frequently gets struck by lightning (because of the high lead content in her blood…its genetic).  She loves to tell stories about her relatives and the tragedies that have befallen them.  Despite the negativity her friends appreciate and acknowledge her ability to never let it get her down.  She also has an amazing singing voice…when she’s asleep.

Iris: Is an adrenaline junkie Cyclops.  Excitement is her middle name and danger is her game!

Frank and Len: are brothers, they share a body but have two separate heads.  They are musicians and they live in the garage.  They have been noted as having “less than average intellect” which makes for some comic relief.  They are good friends, if you need help losing your tooth or falling asleep they will gladly give you a hand.

Poe: an Oxford educated crow who descends from the great Edgar Allen Poe’s pet budgerigar Paco.  Poe likes to be the center of attention and wishes to be seen as refined and important.

Doom Kitty: Ruby’s pet black cat, is always in the know about what is going on in the house but unable to tell anyone as she is a cat and can only communicate via violin cords and mime.

Scaredy Bat: a bat with an Indian accent and afraid of everything, including flying.

Boo-Boo:  a ghost that haunts the mansion and has a penchant for pranking the housemates, particularly Scaredy.

Why your kids will love this: Colorful and cute animation, catchy songs, fun lovable characters.

Why parents will love this: It deals heavily with treating people nicely no matter where they come from or what they look like…and sometimes even what they’ve done or planed to do to you.  The music and lyrics literally rock! Lots of references adults will get (Alfred Hitchcock, Humphrey Bogart, Edgar Allen Poe, etc.)

What you might not like about it: I’m having a hard time coming up with anything for this,  maybe it’s too cute for some people’s taste or it addresses a limited amount of issues.  I love it, I think its great, my biggest complaint is there isn’t more.



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