Baby Bat Arts & Crafts: Bloody Windows

20161029_130002Its the most wonderful time of the year!  Yup, Halloween weekend.  I have again let all my decorating go until the last minute but we have done lots of fun things over the last moon that kind of make up for the lack of displayed festivity.

We went to our community center Halloween Party last night.  All the kids were dressed up and most of the adults (myself included), there was pizza and games, candy prizes, a haunted room and old Scooby Doo episodes on the projector screen (I forget how good that show was), the night was a blast!  This one dad was dressed up as The Man With The Yellow Hat (Curious George).  My little baby bat just starred at him all star struck like “Oh my god!  He’s real! I watch him every morning and he’s really, real!”.  We left a half hour before the end, the dancing was in full swing, other families were trickling out as well there were some tears from the baby bat and other little ones (I guess it was the witching hour).  In a microcosmic way it reminded me of my clubbing days (nothing ever really changes it just looks slightly different).

I once knew someone who took red paint to their walls and made it up to look like there had been violent murder in that room…not like as a seasonal decoration but as their everyday décor.  They had help too, lots of red hand prints and such, it was a cool idea but I sometimes wonder what the next owners thought of it as I’m pretty sure they didn’t paint over it before leaving.  Anyways, that was the inspiration behind today’s arts and crafts.  I mixed up a batch of red finger paint and dish soap and let the little baby bat go to town on our front window.  Some recipes call for washable tempera paint and dish soap,  I’ve read dish soap, red (or any color really) food coloring and cornstarch (to thicken it up).  Finger paint is what I had on hand and it worked like a charm and came off like one too. Now the window is clean and decorated with some spider webs, wax papered leaves and glitter!



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