The Potions Master


I’m secretly (…not so secretly) addicted to Harry Potter, and I can’t wait to read the stories to my little baby bat. Right now she won’t sit for them but I have shown her the Potter Puppet Pals Mysterious Ticking Noise video which has lead to bed lots of jumping on the bed and shouting “Dub-a-dor!”…I’ll chime in with the rest as best I can. I use to give her broom rides around the house and during the last moon she started asking for it on TV (one of those parenting moments where you drop everything with an “alright! if you insist!”).  All that aside, this is my favorite activity I came up with to “indoctrinate” her into the Harry Potter fandom.

I bought a cauldron (a really kick ass cauldron I should say!  Seriously, this bad boy is cast iron and you can cook in it, unlike a lot of the mini ones on the market) from a local pagan shop with the express purpose of placing it on my alter and using it for my esbats (I still observe the changes of the moon I just tend to celebrate them in more folky family ways now).  After purchasing a really cheap package of wooden spoons and making use of some glass spice containers we had lying around we had our potions kit.  I also found a mortar and pestle at the public market and I use it for my own kitchen concoctions but lend it to her when we play.



We started this last year and we only worked with vinegar, baking soda and food coloring.  It creates a cool reaction and is safe if consumed.  We’ve since branched out to things like Knox gelatin, dish soap, crushable candies, salt, colored sugars, soda water (bought some unsweetened vanilla soda water awhile back and deeply regretted it but it was cool in a potion).  When she gets older it would be cool to work with some dry ice and find other (safe) chemical reactions. This is a great game because it not only feeds the imagination and, but also introduces science and color identification.  I have also implemented an old (clean) nasal aspirator to work the fine motor skills while transferring “potion” from the cauldron to an empty vial.





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