The Reed Moon

I voted yesterday.  Last night I watched the first of the polls closing and provided stupid commentary to diffuse the tension (it’s kind of my way).  Every time a state showed blue despite previously saying something to the contrary not moments before”I always liked _____Texas, Ohio etc. (this was really early in the evening).  It was a good night but I still felt uneasy as I snuggled with my baby bat and watched some Peppa Pig.  I had a dream that I went downstairs and looked up the results and Trump won.  I’m still not sure if it was an actual dream or I was so worried I actually went down and looked it up in the middle of the night…then woke up intermittently thinking “common Hillary! Landslide!”  Needless to say I woke up in the morning, made coffee, set up to start my day and then I checked what my home screen had to say.  Trump is the President of the United States of America.  I was depressed for a bit, I admit (I binged on left over Halloween Reese’s…I’m on the clock, sugar is my alcohol).  I was not 100% for either candidate but Trump really didn’t bode well with my open minded beliefs about loving and respecting people’s right to their pursuit of happiness even if my path might be different, etc. etc.

The Reed Moon (for me) started on November 1, 2016.  This is a time of death, change, letting go, endings.  Death is a natural process.  The Goths had a hand in the fall of the Roman empire.  For awhile they were seen as barbarians and everything that is uncivil, until the Victorian/Romantic era when people acknowledged that Rome was corrupt and going to Hell in a hand basket so to speak so they were therefore seen as a needed agent of change and the middle ages/dark times were glorified in a way.  Today was a day of change.  Whether the candidate that you voted for won things will change, if the candidate that you voted for lost things will change.  Change is scary but inevitable.   This might be hard but embrace the change! You don’t have to be for it, but accept that things will change and you are strong enough to handle it and that you are not alone.

I’m more than a little relieved that today has come and gone, there is no more uncertainty or deliberation, we can take the hand that we’ve been dealt and play the best we can.  I’ve resolved to proceed with love and respect.  I will love my little baby bat, I love my friends, my family.  I will respect everyone regardless of where they come from, where they have been, what they look like or what their beliefs may be.  Everyone deserves to be happy and loved.  Good night, good journey…


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