Plenty & Enough

With my chicken and ham pie in the oven and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 just starting the end of my epic Harry Potter Weekend is swiftly approaching.


It seems like every time these weekends pop up my plans get bigger and bigger (someday I hope to have a Quidditch match and a Battle of Hogwarts styled Risk game but I’m still working out rules and equipment for both).  This time I decided to invite people over as it is approaching that lonely time of year and I didn’t feel like being the only one on the couch stuffing my face with pumpkin pasties and gourmet jelly beans. I made the chocolate frogs on Thursday (they are so cute!  I want to make everything frog shaped…I also attribute my turnout to sending a text with a photo of one of these delicious little guys as incentive) and Friday I made the pasties so they would be warm and fresh.  I’m still working on a butterbeer recipe as the one I used this weekend…well, the recipe called for cream and it kept curdling (eww) we tweeked it a bit and it did have that warm cozy magical sensation to it but we could definitely do better.

20161118_183629Maybe its the sign of the times or maybe its the stage of life that I’m in but it feels like I’m constantly trying to make plans with people to do things and I hear “we should totally hang out”  and “I miss you” but no one seems to make or nail down a time to hang out.  Like they are polite words to say when running into someone or while on Facebook.  I catch myself thinking like this and I always remind myself that life is so very different now then it was say 10 years ago.  We don’t live in down the hall, in dorms anymore, we all have jobs and families…life is more complicated. It has become more important for me to be in one place and create a place my Baby Bat can call home but I use to be much more mobile. I’ve always had a dorm or a room or an apartment but I use to be constantly on the go and I very much felt that my home was wherever I happened to be.

Anyways, I was anxious on Thursday.  I invited a few people but what if they forgot or something  came up and they didn’t come.  So I texted an reminder and got a bunch of response.  Then my anxiety gets fueled with dread, what if they all come and I don’t have enough of something or they are bored?  It was then that I enter into a  mantra of sorts that I feel is good to remember with the holidays coming up.  “Enough & Plenty”.  I do/have/am done enough and there will be plenty for everyone.  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart, things don’t have to be perfect.  Most people are grateful for company & human interaction.  People do appreciate the little things like effort and creativity.  You don’t have to go broke buying expensive gifts or picturesque table settings to make the holidays feel magical.  This weekend aside, I’m also trying to come up with fun and personal gifts to give people for the holidays without dipping into my savings and I find that I’m killing myself with details and plans when one of the most magical times I had last year was making Paula Deen Cinnamon Rolls and reading the Polar Express to Baby Bat like my parents use to do with me (I’m still not sure how I feel about the movie but every Christmas Eve after going to the Family Christmas Mass and my Aunt and Uncle’s we’d come home, have some eggnog and read The Night Before Christmas and listen to a book on cassette of The Polar Express narrated by William Hurt.)


At the end of Saturday night it turned out to be a great weekend with good people, good food, my favorite obsession, lots of laughs and conversation.  This morning we had eggs and toast, it started to snow so we took our fall decorations down and put up some winter stuff and I got a start on a knitting project while watching The Goblet of Fire and finishing up the last of the frogs and pasties.



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