Duck, Duck, Goose…

“I know I’ll have met my soul mate when after we have had a hardcore Harry Potter Weekend and have decided to give Harry a rest for a bit they’ll turn to me on Tuesday and say “so…you want to watch The Philosopher’s Stone?”


(Oh my god! Baby Bat and I just got back from the store and broke into some gourmet jelly beans I bought on an impulse…the Jelly Belly Holiday Favorites are awesome particularly the candy cane and the egg nog flavor. The Bean Boozled ones however…Baby Bat fed me a brown one, turned out to be Canned Dog Food ughuk! I’ve been trying to get the taste out of my mouth for the past 5 minutes.)


A few weeks ago I found the cookie cutter of my dreams, at least my dreams for the past year.  The hunt is always the best for these types of things.  You have to set your mind to it and take the time to look in a bunch of different places, suffer some disappointment and then when you finally find it its like “of course! why didn’t I look there to begin with?!”.  As delighted as I am with finding it the Unicorn Cookie Cutter has one downfall and it is the very thing that makes it so magical.  The horn has a tendency to burn or sometimes fall off in the moving from the counter to the pan.  Such is life, the Gingerbread Unicorn cookies came out delicious all the same and were the perfect accompaniment for steaming hot mugs of Celestial Seasonings Candy Can Lane Tea and freshly popped popcorn.


I have two project/goals going on right now.  The yellow and black knitted thing is a Goblet of Fire inspired Hufflepuff scarf (for one of my besties who likes both Harry Potter and Robert Pattinson), my intent is to make and/or bake something for everyone this year however this scarf in particular called for 70 stitches cast on and there are about 10 of those black bars so maybe we’ll do smaller projects after this as there are only so  many hours in a day.

My other project is finding a goose to prepare for Christmas or New Years. This and a traditional Christmas Pudding (which I’ll start next week).  The goose itself might be way over my head.  I’m not very good with meat…potentially problematic, also I don’t know how much they go for anyway so its a budget issue too.  I figured I would go downtown and get or price one at the public market (this seems like the surest bet, they have everything why not goose?)  unfortunately we were too late when we got there and the meat guys had gone home.  The other meat market in closer proximity to my house was closed on Saturday.  Presently the closest I’ve come to finding a goose is a live one at the public market still in its cage and once I’ve met him I certainly can’t eat him so that will never do…holiday conundrums.

I’m looking forward to yoga tonight.  Last week at yoga I had just cracked open the Screen Play for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”  when a lady on the mat next to me asked what I was reading. I showed her and explained that I was so anxious to see it in the theater because I was such a fan of the original series and I really hope it’s not disappointing.  She said she’d seen it and it was alright, her  daughter (sitting next to her) was the real Potter Fanatic though.  She said it was amazing and we chatted houses, turns out we’re both Hufflepuff (!) maybe it’s a yoga thing?  I finished the book and have plans in motion to see the movie sometime this week.  Really, really hoping this is how I feel about it afterwards:


(Ugh! wtf mate! The taste still lingers!)


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