The First Gift of Christmas!

And if I was planning on only knitting these for people it would be the only Christmas gift, as it is I’m working on one more, smaller, project and making other arrangements for everyone else.  I read a meme on my newsfeed awhile back about this lady who saw a really nice homemade bracelet but thought the price was way too high so she argued the crafter down saying that it should only cost so much because the materials only cost so much.  The crafter agreed and the lady went away feeling proud of her haggling prowess.  A few days later she received a box from the crafter and in it there was all the materials needed to make the bracelet and a note saying something like “here is your bracelet, if you think something is missing you will have to pay for it.”  The moral of the story being that people put hard work and time into things like bracelets, scarves etc. and to respect and compensate them for their time and effort.  I read that and totally agreed with it but having spent the last month knitting this Hufflepuff scarf I understand it so much more.

The first time I saw Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone I was in high school and went with my family.  My mom and brother had read all the books that were out at the time and were really excited about it.  I, on the other hand, as your typical moody high schooler was just along for the ride.  Suffice it to say that by the end of the movie my feelings on the matter were significantly changed.  My favorite character was Snape, mostly because he was played by Alan Rickman but if I’m honest with myself it probably had a lot to do with his black hair and black robes and my love of dark and gothy things.  I went home and I inhaled the books.  When I got to the end of the Goblet of Fire I put down the book right before the graveyard fight started and ran into my mum’s work room and asked her “is Snape going to save them?” I imagined him coming out from behind a gravestone and saving Cedric and Harry and everyone living happily ever after.  My mom rolled her eyes at me and said “Adrienne, it’s not all about Snape!”.  HA! the joke ended up being on her in the end…well sort of.  I was in college when the last book was coming out and remember the great debate over whether Snape was going to turn out good or not, it was like one of those magical moments in time where you felt like everyone was holding their breath together.  I had to borrow the book from someone because I didn’t have the money at the time and when I finished it (at like 4 in the morning) I called my mum (at a decent hour) to gloat about being right about Snape since book four…she didn’t remember the Goblet of Fire conversation at all.

Now that we have these new movies coming out and the uncertainty of whether it will be good or not it reminds me of all the excitement and the anticipation from back then.

20161208_112159I finally saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!  Spoiler Alert from here on out!  I braved the elements on Tuesday night laden with chocolate frogs, jelly beans and treacle fudge and met my friends out at the movie theater. It was one of those nights where I feel sure that my grandfather (whose old car I drive) is looking out for me because the weather turned nasty and quick on the drive out and was a bit treacherous on the way back.  I read the screenplay and even though I new what was coming I still laughed, cried and overall enjoyed it and am eagerly anticipating the next one in 2018.  That being said I have some qualms that I need to dust off my soap box to discuss.

  1. I’ve always felt a bit put off by their take on wizard attire.  Don’t gat me wrong, love the 1920’s outfits and all it’s just that in the original books at least she always described the wizarding community being out of the loop with modern trends.  So much so when they have to blend in and wear muggle gear they get it really, really wrong.  But in this new instalment they seem to be with the times even though they apparently have this rule about muggles and wizards mixing…
  2. Did anyone else have a total Zombieland flash back when this happened?:newt-tina “someone’s ear is in danger of getting their hair tucked behind it..”
  3. When it was raining and all the muggles/no majs were being obliviated with water…why did the wizards who were cleaning up the wreckage not forget what they were doing…?  I mean even Queenie conjured herself up an umbrella and there were muggles indoors drinking water and taking showers that were effected by the rain…
  4. this is the biggest problem I have with this instalment as such I have elected to title this bit I AM ENRAGED!…on someone elses behalf. I should start by saying that I have a limited appreciation for CGI.  I was not a fan of the Centaur in the first movie for this reason (it just looks creepy) and even more so when not too long afterwards when The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came out and they had this guy: centaur_narnia it’s so much better! come on! I was mildly (not so mildly) outraged when they made the creative decision to CGI the Goblins and cast big people to voice them for Fantastic Beasts.  I mean the goblins in Harry Potter added this magical realism to the whole product and come on, Warwick Davis!warwick-davis-willow     I can’t wrap my head around this decision.  (Please correct me if I’m wrong) For Harry Potter they wanted to keep it predominantly a British Cast so when Griphook became a bigger part it would make sense that they would drop Verne Troyer (Austin Powers, Mini Me) who played the role in the first movie…or maybe he had other things going on for him that might have been a contributing factor?: mini-me.Not that Ron Pearlman, Dan Hedaya or any of the other talent are awful, it’s just that they can get work anywhere, there are far more roles for big actors than for little people.  Or maybe I’m wrong,  maybe Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts is a bigger deal to me then in the Hollywood movie business and there wasn’t enough interest/available casting, but to me this just stinks.

On that note I’ll leave you with a nice snowy window scene from last night as I’m off to take Baby Bat out for a roll in the new fallen snow:



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