Magical like a Unicorn

I don’t remember the exact date that I penned the above but it was early on in the past month and it was one of those positive affirmation exercises…I am happy to announce that after almost a month of stress, hard work, and smiling through overwhelmed tears as well as the love and support of friends and family I will be starting a dream job next week and my little baby bat gets to come with me!

Like I said in my last post, I had a job interview with a day care center and I didn’t get it.  But I’m really glad I didn’t.  I wasn’t crazy about the center for Baby Bat (for me it was fine, I see potential in everything)  but honestly it reminded me of the elf workshop in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer or Elf:


But I thought I had that one in the bag and it was really devastating to get an email denial (but at least I didn’t have to wait around wondering if they will call the next day or the next).  While I was waiting on the results from that one I also got another call for an interview, I thought “Great!  will see what they are offering maybe its better, worse who knows.” it was closer too but I was still going in with low expectations.  Anyways I got my denial and figuratively threw my towel in, I had a little over a week before I was due back in the office and have had  some pretty bad luck with finding day care, luckily I did have one and she turned out to be good.  I put in an hour request with my old boss and resolved to be happy that I was going back to work with friends and like minded people.  On New Years day (a Sunday mind you) I got a call for an interview at a donut shop right around the corner from our house. I had to rally myself to call back to arrange an interview the next day (I just felt like this was the wrong move but I felt like I had to try)  my pathetic reasoning was that one of the kids who worked there had complimented me on my Nightmare Before Christmas lanyard (yay! we have things in common!).  The interview was horrible, not that I didn’t knock it out of the park but the manager kept asking me what my name was and didn’t have me written down in the schedule…that was set that morning.  Needless to say I got that job and canceled my previous hour request without hassle to my old boss and friend.   I notified my office that I would not be coming back in on the designated day (good day sir!)  I was nice and professional about it, at least as nice and professional as I am aware and know how to be (office politics and lawyer-y jargon are still mysteries to me but my parents raised me right and to not no-call-no-show and/or flip a table and leave).

I did go to the other day care interview but I was pretty much expecting to get turned down again.  Did that mean I put less effort into it, hell no!  In fact I put in more.  My inner Bruce Willis came out (“I will make 800 feet!) and I made several lesson plans in a night to put a portfolio together.


I also said “screw it! I’m going as a Hufflepuff!” and put together a, very professional, house colored interview ensemble.

Baby Bat and I had Thursday and Friday to ourselves and I got her acclimated to her new day care situation.  Sunday one of my besties came over and we watched that Hugh Jackman version of Peter Pan…someone was on a massive drug trip and why the deuce is Tiger Lily white?   I seriously can’t handle Indiana Jones as Captain Hook and why the heck are they singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” after a World War 2 Blitzkrieg? Are they planning on making a part 2…I’m so lost and confused, I just want Jason Isaacs and the boy who later went on to do a Lifetime movie about porn addiction.


All that being said I really appreciated the company.  I was only going in for a four hour training session the next day but it felt like life was over.  I couldn’t help crying while putting Baby Bat to bed, she asks “you crying?”  I said “yes, mommy is sad.  Mommy loves you and it will be okay, we’re going to have lots of fun with new friends tomorrow. ”  she says “I sad too”.    I know she probably doesn’t grasp the whole meaning of the situation but she is still effected by it.

I didn’t sleep well on account of being afraid I’d oversleep, but I got up and went to my new job on time with coffee in hand.  I sat in the back room of the place on a hard folding chair with a space heater (their heat was in fact broken) watching training videos and doing training video games (I know I was horrible at) thinking “this is the beginning of the end” and planning my inevitable escape from the place.  I went and picked Baby Bat up from day care and we went to the mall to play at their indoor playground.  I checked my phone for I don’t remember what reason and saw I had a couple missed calls…one being from the 2nd day care place.  I got the job!!!!!!  In half an hour I called the donut place told them the situation and offered to give 2 weeks notice (because that is how I roll) but we both decided that since I wasn’t really trained, or working there really, to just take me off the schedule and call it a day.  I settled with my day care lady on the best terms possible and went home to celebrate over tea and cookies and a headache that might have been from lack of sleep or staring at a computer maybe a little from column A and a little from column B.  I’ve got a lot of errands to run over the next few days and I am both excited and nervous about this next adventure in our lives.

I use to think about these kind of departures and beginnings in a very “walking off into a sunset” dramatic – like way.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that the sunset always changes into a sunrise and you never know what the day might bring.  With that being said I endeavor to take one day at a time and appreciate it for all that it is and learn from it, also to remember that this is not the end.



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