It was the very best butter (beer)…

After a relatively uneventful week we got hit with a bout of extremely cold weather and snow on Friday.  Baby bat and I got home and all I wanted to do was curl up with some comfort food and a hot drink. My plan to quickly roll out my premade dough and whip up some chicken and ham pie was thwarted by my forgetting to take the dough out of the fridge that morning.  After an impromptu FaceTime call from my mum I finally got to work making a truly regrettable batch of chicken French (I suppose as well as grocery shopping you also shouldn’t cook when you are hungry).  I did however have a go at this Butterbeer recipe.  I loved her Pumpkin Pasty recipe and I figured this was worth a shot.


This recipe makes one serving:

1 bottle of beer (she suggested Speckled Hen and I came across it at my grocery store down the road, I would definitely recommend it if you can find it.  If you can’t it calls for a British ale, the last time we attempted Butterbeer I think we used New Castle and I think that would be easier to find and work just as well).

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (I had leftover English Mixed Spice and used that, I think it would work better with a generic Pumpkin spice as the English is a tad stronger.  However I do think that 1 tsp is quite a lot).

1/3 cup brown sugar

2 egg yolks (one of the driving reasons behind making chicken French that night since I could use the whites to dip the chicken before coating, huzzah! no waste)

2.5 tbs butter


Honestly it wasn’t bad..I also didn’t follow the directions the way they are written and if I tried it again I think I would do it the same way. She says to start heating the ale first and I’ve always understood that if you heat alcohol it loses its potency.  I wasn’t looking for taste alone, I wanted that cozy, magical, buzzed (but not too buzzed) feeling.  So I added the beer a little at a time and mostly at the end.  I think the amount of cloves is what really killed it for me.  I love cloves in baking, but I think they added a bitterness to it that wasn’t really intended.

I tried another recipe Saturday night (when I finally made my chicken and ham pie, commenced with knitting a Slytherin House Scarf and had a Deathly Hallows Marathon…life was good 🙂 ).


In the Food in Literature page she notes that Butterbeer is in fact a very old beverage and not like the sugary butterscotch interpretations that you generally find.  So I did a little research and found this one and I think I’m going to stick with it.

This also makes 1 serving:

In a small sauce pan whisk together and place on low heat

1 bottle of beer (Speckled Hen if you can find it) only and a little (like 1/4 cup) to start you’ll add the rest of the bottle later.

1 egg yolk


Once that starts to simmer (keep whisking) add and boil:

1/4 cup white sugar

1/16 tsp (seriously, its  like a pinch of each) of nutmeg, ground cloves and ginger


Once that is all mixed and heated up add the rest of the beer and 2 tbs of butter


Once the butter is melted you can pour it into your mug of choice, let it cool a bit  and enjoy!


We also dry ran a new Harry Potter activity:


When I was in the fourth grade I did a project on the Erie Canal.  My area of exploration was school and I had a little presentation and some visual props.  I had a tin of sand (that would have been used to practice letters), also a chalk board and some chalk as well as ink and a “quill” that people could try their hand at. I thought this would tie in well with a Harry Potter activity seeing as how part of being in the wizarding world is writing papers and letters with a quill and ink.


I sometimes feature myself as a master calligrapher and had some writing ink on hand, so we got some craft feathers and experimented with that on paper.  Baby Bat tried painting with the feathery end at first and didn’t seem too interested when we were dipping the tips into the ink.  I think this might appeal more to 3-4 year olds or maybe if there had been more colors than just black.  Aside from my horrible spelling I would consider this to be a nifty educational experience.

I also made a layered sensory “love potion” bottle but I think the purple took over and it is not as pretty as the picture on Pinterest made it out to be…the layers seem to be lost. I tried putting the bottles in the fridge and the freezer (as this is what you do to separate the liquids when making layered cocktails and shots)  but it hasn’t made it better.  Just took them out…maybe thawing will do them some good.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Have a great week!







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