The First Fall of Snow

Happy Belated Veterans Day!  I would have had this out last night but someone didn’t fall asleep until midnight (Babybat, after a lengthy nap in the evening).  We had our first fall of snow Friday so it was a pretty special weekend to begin with.  I had these great plans of having Frozen, Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings and Ice Age ready for the event but as you never can tell in Western New York all we had was Frozen (and as it turned out Ice Age too, just found that some moments ago).  Anyway this is our 2nd annual First Day of Snow Snowflake Decorating RitualLast year we broke out the coffee filters and made some standard flakes…this year I wanted to be all fancy.  I found a few good templates and have had them on hand since September.  As it turns out fancy snowflakes are a lot of work.  Of course I wanted to do Harry Potter snowflakes but I also wanted to work in some Frozen ones for Babybat.  I tried some templates that were all the house mascots but they were too tiny and fragile.  I also started off trying some origami techniques but for the life of me couldn’t get the hang of the 1/3 center fold or whatever so all of our Frozen ones are standard snowflake fold.  My other two are pinterest finds the Hogwarts/Dobby one I scaled back a bit to make the smaller ones in the middle (this was me slacking off because they were vastly more time consuming then I had anticipated…I’ve found that pumpkin carving and snowflake cutting are things one should only do once a year).  The Deathly Hallows ones are the origami method also and I was pretty good at them for a beginner until the last one, I was ready to be done, so I cheated.  In some way I’m having trouble describing now but suffice it to say I only really folded the paper once and broke it into 1/3rds and…magic!

That took most of Friday night and until 4pm Saturday (breakfast, laundry and baths intermixed).  I had some great plans of going to Target and getting a couple of the Harry Potter 12 Days of Socks Advent Calenders (one for me one for a friend)  but luckily I did as the clerk Friday suggested and called ahead, turns out they sold out already (!)  So we’ll have to try next week when they get a new shipment in I suppose.

So, if an Advent Calendar only has 12 days to open do you open it before Christmas or after for the “12 Days of Christmas” ???

Anyway aside from socks Target had some interesting stuff.  I was thinking Baby Bat and I could write her letter to Father Christmas this weekend so we were in the toy department when I found these:


You have to buy the Squatty Potty separately though.


Then there was this pygmy puff look alike “They’ve been known to sing on Boxing, Day you know”.





It seems like its definitely going to be a Frozen year for Baby Bat as she stayed in that section the longest playing with the sing along microphones.

Last night I also stirred up my Christmas Pudding.  Lots of people are like “Lets eat the turkey first!”  but this traditionally should have been done in late September (so it has 3 months to feed/drink)  so in fact I’m a bit behind.  Will plan accordingly next year.

20171111_172122 I found a great way to shred the kidney fat this time around by working the grater back and forth and keeping the fat stationary (rocket science).  I also left the almonds in whole but took their jackets off. I also needed to pause a bit before I added the liquid because Babybat was still taking her nap and she needed to give it a stir and make a wish.

I needed a good playlist for Christmas Pudding so I put this together a few weeks ago using only WRock Bands and music from the soundtracks (if you know of something I don’t have on here let me know I would love to add it!).

  1. Christmas at Hogwarts – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Soundtrack
  2. Christmas Time at School – Gred and Forge
  3. 12 Days of Christmas – Gred and Forge (this one is good and is well known and all but I wrote/thought my own last year (I’m quite partial to the Muppets version of this song particularly when Miss Piggy goes all diva like with the 5 Golden Riiiiings! bit, so now you know and now you will sing it like that…if and when you actually do sing it that is):

A Cloak of Invisibility, 2 Racing Brooms, a three headed dog, 4 nesting dragons, 5 gold galleons, 6 house elves cleaning, 7 mermaids swimming, 8 potions bubbling, 9 Owls Swooping, 10 Moving Portraits, 11 Floating Ghosts, 12 Uses for Dragons Blood

4. Christmas Mirror – The Butterbeer Experience

5. Wizard Wrocking Christmas – Hawthorn and Holly

6. Happy Christmas Day – Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls

7. God Rest Ye, Merry Hippogriffs – Bastien Lenoir

8. Harry in Winter – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Soundtrack

9. Freaking Ask Me to the Yule Ball – The Parselmouths

10. Potter Waltz – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Soundtrack

11. All I want for Christmas – Draco and the Malfoys

12. Nargles in the Mistletoe – The Moaning Myrtles

13. Christmas with the Weasleys – The Remus Lupins

14. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear – Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls

15. It’s Snowing – Catchlove



The rest of the evening was spent knitting and watching “Shawn the Sheep: We wish Ewe a Merry Christmas” that we found for a steal at Target($4).

Next weekend is my family’s Early Thanksgiving (still haven’t decided on what I’m making/bringing)  but at some point I’m also going to be stuffing sausage for the holidays with my dad and brother…I would do it by myself but I’m trying to create traditions here and include people.  As my mum has a monopoly on the cookie ritual I figured, how awesome would it be to make sausages with the guys.

7 hours left to go on steaming the pudding, in any event have a magical week! Stay safe and warm!



One thought on “The First Fall of Snow

  1. Jealous of your snow fall, I’m still planning on getting the convertible out!

    The 12 days of Christmas happen afterwards until the wise guys show up! IIRC

    I love that you place so much emphasis on traditions, I find myself lost and without a plan for everything. It is always a pleasure to read your tales 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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