Unicorn Boogies!

Last Sunday I set to work making a clear glitter slime for Baby Bat and my daycare kids to play with. It was just a day dream idea so I had to go looking for a recipe on Pinterest again (oh darn!).  It exists and it’s easy:

20170312_123731– 1/2 cup of warm water

  • – 1/2 cup clear glue
  • – Glitter (the site I found said you can never have too much so use your best judgment)
  • * mix these three ingredients together well first.
  • – add 1/2 cup of liquid starch (you can find it in the laundry soap and cleaning section at the store)
  • * get to work stirring right away as it congeals rather quickly.  Once it is pretty well mixed the kiddos can play/work it themselves, it gets better with time.

Baby Bat loved this and now asks for it on a daily basis (observe the unicorn that looks like it has a serious case of conjunctivitis).

Two small things to note: 1) If the kids are in the practice of putting everything in their mouth this will require a lot of supervision…or maybe holding off until they aren’t as mouthy.

2)  Boogies are hard to get off clothes without washer (in the washer its fine, no worries, just be aware)20170312_124443

This is a really versatile recipe, you can use white glue instead of clear and add colors with food coloring and different  kinds of glitter or confetti.  I’m thinking this would be great to make some “Troll Bogies” for a Vine or Ivy Moon Harry Potter Marathon:


We also made a new batch of Purple Glitter Aromatherapy Play Dough.


I think I enjoy the play dough more than her when we make it like this.  I used Lavender as it was purple and I was in a soothing mood.  We have also done pink (rose scented), blue (vanilla scented), yellow (lemon scented)…green I was thinking could be lime or pine but I haven’t tried those yet (and I’m a little disappointed with my pine oil).  Red could be strawberry… or cinnamon (another one I haven’t tried yet).

The weather turned ridiculous on Tuesday.  It didn’t look like much, a lot of fine misty like snow, but it piled up and driving conditions were horrible.  I went to bed that night thoroughly expecting to go to work in the morning as it had become evident after last weeks wind storm that we don’t close for much where I work (kind of a constant theme any place I work really).

That morning I got a message from my boss saying that we would be opening later which didn’t really concern me so much because the time we were now expected was only 1/2 an hour from when I had initially been scheduled.  I went downstairs, as usual, made coffee and instead of reading like I normally do went out and shoveled the driveway.  Damn it was cold!  I took a break half way through to drink my coffee, eat a pumpkin muffin and listen to The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra’s Harry Potter soundtrack while my fingers defrosted. I dutifully went back out and finished the driveway in its entirety and dusted off the cars only to come back in to find a new message saying that we were officially closed due to weather!  I like to joke that I am personally responsible for this snow day as if I hadn’t done any of that shoveling it wouldn’t have happened.  Cheers!

I already had a good amount of caffeine in my system so instead of going back to bed I used my new freedom to make breakfast and do laundry.  I talked with both my mum and my grandmother and on the latter’s advice made cookies with Baby Bat.

I don’t know if I regret it, because they are so delicious, but I definitely could have taken a nap or done a bunch of other things in the time it took to make these Unicorn Butter Cookies


They are kind of like Scottish Shortbread Cookies (aka: easily inhalable). When using the unicorn cookie cutter it is best to make them either really thick or only bake them for 3-5 minutes (my first tray was a bit overdone, but I got the knack of it).

In short it was a good day but I felt like I needed a recovery day after all the shoveling and cookie baking, pretty sure I don’t work that hard on a normal basis…although giving the daycare kids tonton rides while we waited for their parents probably added to this feeling of lethargy and achiness the next day…


Spring Equinox is Monday!  Yay!  As much as I want to celebrate with all the pomp and circumstance befitting a major holiday it is on a Monday, after an early day of work so I think we’ll just keep it simple, have a nice dinner and make some Dragon Eggs out of leftover plastic Easter eggs!  I do have “Spring Festival”baskets (encompassing both and not limited to Easter and Ostara)  planned for Baby Bat and all my little relations which I’m seriously excited about putting together! (future posts…stay tuned!)




The Week in Review

Last week we raided the library for board books and anything associated with winter (snow, icicles, polar bears, penguins, clothes etc.) and love (hugs, kisses, mom, dad, puppies, kitties basically anything associated with loving someone or something and how that is expressed).  We got some really nice books and put together some sensory bottles, I want to redo a couple and add some glycerin to these ones (its suppose t work better).  I also put some bells in one off our golden eggs…it was a good idea in theory but they don’t tinkle magically the way I imagines they would, still a good sensory piece.

Everything was going smoothly until Friday when I had to go get my TB test checked out (all clear!).  We were making good time doing our morning routine and when we got out to the car and I went to start it…nothing….nothing.  Dead in the water.  My first thought was to look around for signs of a break in (some neighborhood kids over the summer ransacked a bunch of cars on our street including mine.  They took a bunch of my spare change, nothing else…but the joke is on them because it was sticky and covered in glitter).  As there was no sign of foul play my next thought was that I left a light on or a door open so I jumped the car and yay! It started!  Crisis averted.

It was fine all weekend until Monday morning.  My first day at this new job, Baby Bat’s first day at Day Care.  I got up early and had breakfast and had made sure there was plenty of time to spare.  A good thing too because when we got out there and I went start my car…nothing! Dead in the water again!  I quickly pulled out the jump box and got it going again with no trouble.  Then I went to lock up (taking the key out of the ignition) came back to start it up and it was dead again!  Hauling the box out again I tried to get it started (knowing that we’d get there but probably wouldn’t get back, thank the gods for AAA…at least that was my plan) it didn’t work.  I got out and found that the black clamp (which had been dangling on there to begin with) had just quit, fallen off.  Miracles of miracles I did get it started and got safely to work, where when I tried to start it again after we parked it went dead again.

“Everything will be okay” was my mantra of the day (as it has been for the last month it seems).  Baby Bat had a good first day and I did a lot of paper work and training stuff and we got out early.  Luckily someone was able to give us a jump and we got back home where it was revealed that the battery and alternator were fine just a loose battery cable.  So now we are back in business.

Yesterday was long.  For both of us.  I worked on more paper work and training exercises, it was just me curled up on a sofa with a lap top again (we’ve come so far, yet we have so much farther to go).  2 hours until quitting time and Baby bat sees me in a corner when they were walking back from the Gross Motor room.  She seemed like she had been having fun before that but then a melt down ensued.  “I wan-go home!” she cried.  Every time I went for the door she would force her way too and grab my hand making to leave with me.  It broke my heart, I really wanted to take her home right then and there or just stay to play and read books with her friends. I eventually left and finished my work for the day and we went home.

I tried a newish recipe last night.  It is Harry Potter inspired but it is not mentioned in any of the books (to my knowledge)  someone posted a menu from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park on Pinterest (my other bad habit aside from Amazon and YouTube).  It is called “Toad in the Hole” which is basically Yorkshire Pudding baked with sausages in it (aka: heaven!). I looked at a few different recipes and decided to wing it because it was pretty simple and the results were awesome…definitely something to cook up for a Harry Potter Weekend.

For the Yorkshire Pudding I used Mort Tibble’s recipe on Allrecipes.com:


Mix: 1 1/2 cups flour, 3/4 tsp salt, 3/4 cup milk, 3 eggs & 3/4 cups water.  The recipe calls for refrigeration and setting aside but I just whipped it up when I got home from work and baked it immediately it turned out fine to me.  The recipe also called for beef drippings…I never have those on hand and when I make roast beef it doesn’t seem like I’d get the called for amount anyways, I was told a long time ago that you melt butter in the bottom of the pan and bake it like that so for this I melted 1 stick of butter and filled the muffin pan with that (in hind sight this recipe should make a double batch so only put like a tablespoon in each pot).

The recipe also said to put 1/2 cup of batter into each pot…this would be way to much for mine as I only put a 1/4 cup in each and turned out like this:



For the sausage, a bunch of pictures showed what I’m sure are true English style sausage and as much as I would love to try that my markets only carry Italian, German and Polish style…they might carry an Andouille which is delicious but I can’t speak for it’s authentic flavor.  But anyways I found an Australian  page that used mini hot dogs and that was good enough for me.

Pop them in a 400° preheated oven for 30 minutes (or until they are nice and puffy and golden brown).  When they are done let them cool a bit and heat up or make some gravy then enjoy!  Look it loves me!


Wednesday brought another first for us.  All the kids in Baby Bats classroom have runny noses and you have to expect that when you work with kids so when Baby Bat woke up that morning and was cranky and sounding nasally I just thought here we go!”  I let her teacher know and went off never expecting my new boss to pop her head into my room later to tell me that Baby Bat had a fever and had to go home (meaning I had to go home too).  We’ve had a fever before I wasn’t too worried, these things happen.  I didn’t have any fever reducing medicine so we stopped off at the drug store before going home. While talking with the pharmacist about what would be the best thing to give her all of a sudden we were covered in vomit (poor Baby Bat).  The pharmacist was really nice and got us some towels to wipe up with and as an afterthought handed me some stomach settler to boot.

That is about as exciting as it got this week.  My mum came and stayed the day on Thursday so I could go to work, we were pretty uneventful on Friday with the exception of Baby Bat coming down with the previously expected runny nose.

This upcoming week I plan to make some Potato-Leek Soup and a Harry Potter inspired Beef Casserole (Goblet of Fire: Before the tournament starts Hagrid serves the trio something they thought was beef casserole until Hermoine unearths a rather large talon in her helping and they all lose their appetites).